Review: The Dark Lady (Sherlock, Lupin & Me #1)

Title: The Dark Lady (Sherlock, Lupin & Me #1) Author: Irene Adler # of Pages: 240 Publisher: Capstone Young Readers Publication Date: February 1st 2014 Source: NetGalley Level: Middle Grade Rating: 2 Hearts   Synopsis While on summer vacation, little Irene Adler meets a young William Sherlock Holmes. The two share stories of pirates and have battles of wit while running wild on the […]

Review: This Journal Belongs to Ratchet by Nancy J. Cavanaugh

  Title: This Journal Belongs to Ratchet Author: Nancy J. Cavanaugh # of Pages: 320 Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Publication Date: April 2nd 2013 Source: Borrowed ARC Rating: 5 Hearts       Synopsis If only getting a new life were as easy as getting a new notebook. But it’s not. It’s the first day of school for all the kids in […]

Review: Love That Dog & Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

Title: Love That Dog / Hate That Cat Author: Sharon Creech # Of Pages: 128/148 Publisher: HarperCollins Publication Date: April 8, 2008/ September 23, 2008 Source: Library Rating: 2 Hearts / 3 Hearts Synopsis (From Amazon) Love That Dog- Jack Room 105 – -Miss Stretchberry September 13 I don’t want to because boys don’t write poetry. Girls […]

Review: The Wild Book by Margarita Engle

Title: The Wild Book Author: Margarita Engle # Of Pages: 144 Publisher: Harcourt Children’s Books Publication Date: March 20th 2012 Source: Library Rating: 3 Hearts  Synopsis (From Fefa struggles with words. She has word blindness, or dyslexia, and the doctor says she will never read or write. Every time she tries, the letters jumble […]

Book Review: All the Broken Pieces

Title: All The Broken Pieces Author: Ann E. Burg # Of Pages: 240 Publisher: Scholastic Publication Date: April 1st 2009 Source: Library Rating: 4 Hearts Synopsis  (From Two years after being airlifted out of war-torn Vietnam, Matt Pin is haunted: by bombs that fell like dead crows, by the family — and the terrible secret […]

Review: Hidden by Helen Frost

Title: Hidden Author: Helen Frost # Of Pages: 160 Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux Publication Date: May 10, 2011 Source: Library Rating: 4 Hearts Synopsis (From When Wren Abbott and Darra Monson are eight years old, Darra’s father steals a minivan. He doesn’t know that Wren is hiding in the back. The hours and […]