Breathtaking Book Cover: Stray


Todays Breathtaking Book Cover is . . .


by Elissa Sussman




14 thoughts on “Breathtaking Book Cover: Stray

  1. O_O

    OH. wow. um. hmm! I think forests make the most subtly creepy settings, and this one definitely gave me the chills! The blue dress stands very striking from the bleak and hazy background… Very curious what it’s going to be about =)

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

    • Your right, forests can be the perfect subtle creepy but they can also be so pretty & magical. If I’m remembering correctly I think this is some sort of fairytale story…

  2. I love features that spotlight book covers because I have no problem admitting that I place a lot of value on a book’s outward appearance. This one is gorgeous – I hadn’t heard of the book, but now I’m interested in finding out what it’s about. Thanks for sharing!

    • I place a lot of value on book covers too! I refuse to pick up certain books because of ugly covers and other books only get picked up because the cover is so great. I’m pretty sure this one is a fairytale, which is totally fitting.

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