Foreign Cover Friday: Hysteria



9 thoughts on “Foreign Cover Friday: Hysteria

  1. The hardcover book is one of my favorite covers EVER!!! I just think it’s so unique and cool looking. I couldn’t believe they changed it for the paperback. And what they changed it to is boring in comparison IMO. I do love seeing all the different covers out there for books though 🙂

  2. Awesome post 😀 Thank you for sharing. ❤ I enjoyed this book a lot. And I adore the author. But ohh. I actually love all the three covers 😀 And I own them all, hih (A)
    Love, Carina Olsen

  3. I do like the hardcover, if only they did something different with the title..I don’t like its placement or font at all. I do like the picture frame idea! But I voted on the paperback, because it is a really good cover too! I love the blue color 🙂

    • I think the whole picture frame idea would have been better without the type inside it. I don’t like the style or placement either. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and voting =)

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