Author Interview with Romily Bernard



20 thoughts on “Author Interview with Romily Bernard

  1. Team Griffin! Team Griffin! Lol! Actually I have no idea about these characters as this is a new series to me(and it sounds terrific!) but my son is named Griffin, so I had to throw out some support there. 😉 Fun interview!

  2. Loved this interview! It really wants to make me read Find Me and the rest of the series too. Romily is an awesome name by the way. And she’s funny! Which is a good quality to have as an author. I really like Helen Bonham Carter in her roles. She’s usually the crazy and/or evil one. Great interview style with the pictures looking like texts 😀

  3. Great interview! So much fun! I’m excited to read REMEMBER ME since I loved FIND ME. I cracked up with your slamming dishes around comment. That’s me on most days. 🙂 Please don’t tell me you’re going to have poor Wick involved in a love triangle… you are, aren’t you??? I’ll keep reading even though I don’t want her with Milo, no matter how hot he is…

  4. Love the interview! Haha, I’d love for Hermoine Granger to come to life too! Harry Potter is my fav childhood book so for some reasons that makes me happy haha. Love the question about mind-reading. I’m not really sure whether I’d like to be able to read other people’s minds sometimes… The covers for the Selection series is simply lovely. ❤

    I'll make sure to check out Find Me later. 🙂 I love how you make bubble chat for this interview, Amanda! 🙂

    • I can’t say I agree with you two because I’ve never read Harry Potter. Don’t look at me like that! Haha. Sometimes I think reading minds would be cool but at the same time I think it would be horrible. Happy to hear you liked the new interview format =D

  5. LOVE! This is such a great interview! And I love how it’s set up. Very visually appealing and easy to follow. I have the first book of hers. I SO need to read it!

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