Foreign Cover Friday: Enders

Enders Foreign Cover Friday-01


6 thoughts on “Foreign Cover Friday: Enders

  1. I love blog posts like this because I love seeing what the covers look like in foreign countries. They are all so stinking creepy! I kind of really like the U.K Edition. The red sets it apart from the rest and it makes it look more intruiging and adds a creep factor for me. Great post!! 🙂

    • The red definitely makes the U.K. version stand out from the rest, I think the blue eyes shining through is the creepiest part. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  2. They’re all eerie and unusual, but I’m not sure if I like any of them. I do like the how the red pops in the UK edition, but not the image…

    It’s always fun to see how different / similar covers are for the same book!

    • It is fun! I love seeing the different styles of each country. These were all pretty similar in comparison to some other books I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these!

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