8 thoughts on “Review: Tunnel Vision by Susan Shaw

  1. Bravo for sticking with it! I don’t usually give books much of a chance. If I’m not hooked right away, I toss the book aside and pick up the next one. I don’t like criticizing an author’s writing either, it always feels mean. But sometimes that IS the problem.

  2. Oh wow, that’s a real example?! I wouldn’t be able to continue reading a book like that. Sometimes it really does come down to the writing, unfortunate as that is…

    I appreciate your thoughts though.


  3. I haven’t ever heard of this book but that cover is certainly intriguing. It sounds interesting too but…from you’re review it doesn’t sound all that good. Good for you for pushing through and finishing it! The way this is written sounds like it would be frustrating to read. Just from the small samples you put in your review…it’s odd. It sounds like it would be impossible to connect to any of the characters. Sorry this one wasn’t a winner for you!

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