Breathtaking Book Cover: Maybe One Day (2)

Todays Breathtaking Book Cover is . . .
Maybe One Day
Melissa Kantor
Now you probably don’t remember but back in August I featured the original cover (which is the one below.) I loved the original design with the dark practically silhouetted girls against the beautiful cloudy sky but I also like this new design. As much as I hate when an already great cover is redesigned I can see that the newer design is more main stream and clearly YA, which is probably what they were looking to accomplish.
Though if I had to pick a favorite between the two, I’d go with the original. 
Which would you choose??
Is it the beautiful silhouette design or the more mainstream girls standing on a beach look that catches your eye?

One thought on “Breathtaking Book Cover: Maybe One Day (2)

  1. Oh yeah. You are kind of right. The second cover (original cover) does look like it's a bit more adult and the first cover looks way more YA. Acknowledging that I kind of still like the original cover. The background just looks more pretty.

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