BEA Picture Recap

I SURVIVED! LoL 😉 I’m back from BEA and thankfully still in one piece!! The stories of pushing, shoving, and even biting had me a bit scared but it really wasn’t like that at all. I basically spent all day hopping from one autograph line to another, where I chatted with other bloggers, and met great authors. I would love to tell you every detail of my trip but that would take forever, and honestly I doubt you’d want to hear it. So below is an overview of my time at BEA in pictures =)

Um Guys, it’s TAHEREH MAFI!!!!! 
When I met most of the authors I honestly had no clue what to say besides hello, 
but I totally fan girled over Tahereh! She is an AMAZING writer and was SO SWEET when I gushed about how much I loved her ❤

11 thoughts on “BEA Picture Recap

  1. AHHH!!! So happy you got to go!!! 😀
    Love the picture photos. There are so many autographs.
    I can't wait to read what you have to say for Tumble & Fall as wells as Ninja Detective because I'm just a sucker for books like that 😛

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