Author Mad Lib: Tracy Bilen

I’m excited to reveal a new feature I’m going to be doing here called Author Mad Libs.
This is a segment where I’ll give an author the title and list of words needed to complete the story,
I will then post the completed Mad Lib here.
So without further ado, the first ever author to participate in the Author Mad Libs is… 
Tracy Bilen! 
Here is her Mad Lib.
“Police Call”

Calling all cars… Calling all cars!
Be on the lookout for Ballerina. She is wearing a soft suit, a gray sled, and is carrying an old brown elephant. She was last seen in the vicinity of Africa, waving a loaded plate. She is charged with holding up a candy store and running off with the owner’s rock. She is also accused of stealing a 1955 rainbow and a frilly  refrigerator. It is advisable to approach this person with adorable caution, as she has been known to carry a loaded gun. She uses the alias “Billy the SUV” and has been known to disguise herself as a tree. Watch out for this frozen criminal. That is all.

Note: (This Mad Lib was taken from SON OF MAD LIBS. Copyright 2001, 1988 Price Stern Sloan, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, New York). No copyright infringement intended.

Tracy is the author of YA suspense novel What She Left Behind

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