Tune in Tuesday: My Teen Years Edition #2

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly segment hosted by Ginger from greads that showcases music. 
Each week you post a new or old song in hopes to gain it more interest.

For the whole month of July, Tune in Tuesday is going old school. Instead of sharing any song we will be sharing the songs from when we were teens.
I’m sure you’ve all heard the name Jesse McCartney before, yes?
But did you know that he got his start in a boyband named Dream Street?

My sister used to love them and her love soon wore off on me and before you knew if we were both spending are days watching the Dream Street Live in Concert DVD. 

After the group spilt up a few of them continued to pursue music, and I continued to listen and love it =)

In 2003, Greg’s first solo song came out.

In 2004, Jesse came out with this hit…

8 thoughts on “Tune in Tuesday: My Teen Years Edition #2

  1. I have never heard of Dream Street until I listened to that song you posted…it definitely sounds like something I would have listened to when I was going through my boy-band phase! 😀 I still have Beautiful Soul on my iPod though, it's too good to not have on there!

  2. Uh oh, am I the only fossil here do haven't heard of Jesse McCartney…? :/ But the music videos are certain ing interesting, I'll have to go look up this new band! 🙂


  3. hahaha OMG DREAMSTREET! I totally remember them! I was not into them as I was pretty diehard loyal to *NSYNC, but I definitely remember Jesse McCartney. Have you heard one of his more recent songs called My Baby? Not even joking, I love that song STILL and listen to it all the time haha. I also laughed at seeing Stuck in the Suburbs, that was such a terrible Disney movie!

  4. Alicia, I can't believe this! You haven't heard of Jesse McCartney =O He's still got music on the radio today, maybe you would recognize his newer hit “Leavin.”

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