Wordlover Wednesday: Plursignification

Todays wordlover word is…
Plursignification (ploo-ri-sig-ni-fi-KAY-shuhn)
Noun- the use of a word to convey multiple meanings at the same time.
Example: “The Norwegian Dahle understood that ambiguity and plursignification were essential to Merina ways of speaking.”

One thought on “Wordlover Wednesday: Plursignification

  1. LOL!! To me, seems like ploo-ri-sig-ni-fi-KAY-shuhn is a fancy way to call symbolism in words, or plain sarcasm! This is a great word, Amanda! Thank you enriching my dictionary! <3

    I love this feature, you always find a word I've never heard! Hopefully I can find these words in my TOEFL questions or something like that! x)

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