Wordlover Wednesday: Qualtagh

All right you guys are probably like enough with the phobias already! So this week I’ve decided to start a new theme called “Wait, There’s a Word for That!” It’s pretty self explanatory but this is where I’ll share crazy words for things you never would of dreamed existed.
So the first word is…
Qualtagh– the first person you see after leaving your house.

3 thoughts on “Wordlover Wednesday: Qualtagh

  1. LOL, that's quiet a creative idea, Amanda! I love the word Qualtagh. Maybe you can add a word for the first cute guy you see after leaving the house… like hottiouse? 😀

    Anyway, I've added you on Goodreads! It's amazing to see you there too! ❤

  2. Glad you like it! I can't take credit for the creativity though, I didn't make it up. This is a real word! I love the word you came up with though, hottiouse. HAhA! =D

    I'm so happy you found me on Goodreads!

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