Wordlover Wednesday: Xanthophobia

Its time for another Wordlover Wednesday phobia edition.
Todays phobia is…
Xanthophobia– Fear of the color yellow

4 thoughts on “Wordlover Wednesday: Xanthophobia

  1. I never heard of xanthophobia and luckily, don't have it.
    i would love it if you did a post about colors in book covers and what they convey. I recently bought a dystopian book with a bright yellow cover and clearly the designers were trying to convey the yellow of caution tape and biohazards, not sunny yellow.

  2. Xanthophobia would be a real problem for people with synesthesia–since they often visualize letters, numbers, even people's names in colors.

    I'm really enjoying your blog! Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

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